A Few More Helpful Financial Calculators

Here are a few more helpful financial calculators we found on the web.

1)      Can I afford to send my child to college?


It’s something that most of us don’t put too much thought into when our children are first born, but before you know it, the kids are in high school and college is right around the corner.  Even if you haven’t started saving for college yet, it’s not too late.  Whether your child is looking into a community college, a public university, or a private college, you will need to plan for this big step. There are 4 factors to consider when planning for college:  risk, return, liquidity and time frame.  Take a look at this calculator to help with your savings plan.


2) Family vacation alternatives


With the state of the economy these past several years, many households are not in a financial position to spend money on big family vacations.  There are many alternatives that are worth considering when trying to figure out what to do or where to go if you are able get a week off from your job.  Instead of packing your bags and heading out of the country, consider local venues.  You might want to consider a camping trip at a nearby campsite, or even a water-themed day at a river or beach.  If you live near a big city, try hopping on the train and spend the day in the city, visiting museums, libraries or street fairs.  Use the attached calculator to estimate your fuel costs while planning for your trip. If you find that you have saved enough to get away, consider the many discounted sites such as priceline.com or Kayak to take advantage of last minute bargains.


3) How can I save money on my day to day expenses?


There are many advantages to using coupons, especially in today’s economy.  Now more than ever, it is wise to keep track of our expenditures in order to see how we can stay on our budget.  In addition to many free online coupon sites (coupons.com, shopathome.com, dailygrocerycoupon.com, to name a few) there is a coupon calculator which will allow you to enter your shopping trips from up to 4 different stores and provide you with totals to help you keep track of your spending.  Use the link above to start keeping track of your store expenses.

Also, don’t forget to check your newspapers, magazines and mailboxes for retail coupons as well.  In addition, many retail stores will have rewards cards.  They are usually free and the barcode is swiped each time you shop, allowing you to accumulate points to be used for future discounts.  Keep a large envelope in your car, and each time you get a coupon, place it in the envelope so that it is always ready to be used.


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