Paying a Lot for Groceries?

Of all of the “everyday expenses” we consumers encounter, the grocery bill is probably the most common.

It’s also the area where many of us (and that includes the folks at Sage Personal Finance!) overspend. An interesting new survey from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association indicates that 22% of us have no idea what we are spending on such common items as housing, entertainment…and groceries.

The good news is that spending on food is one of the areas of an average consumer’s budget that can be brought under control with very little effort, leaving more cash on the table — and in our pocket.

Time Magazine’s Moneyland summarizes a great article from the April edition of Real Simple Magazine outlining several easy ways to save on some of the common items we purchase every day.

So what strategies do you use to stretch your dollar at the supermarket?

-Cindy M. (Sage Personal Finance)

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