Seek Out Those Discounts!

It always helps to be aware of special offers and discounts that can help save you money.  Here are a few I have noticed recently.

-If you have a Costco membership, consider buying gift cards to your favorite restaurants from Costco, as you will usually pay less than face value for them.  (For example, they were recently selling California Pizza Kitchen gift cards: 2 $50 cards for $80.)

-If you are buying services for more than one child, ask the service provider if they have any sibling discounts.  We recently visited the Playroom (an indoor play place) in Sherman Oaks, California, and they have “2-for-1 Mondays” throughout the month of August, so a sibling gets in free.

-Consider signing up for  It is free, and they email you with discounts that are often quite impressive.  Recently, they were selling WNBA tickets at over 50% off.

-In another month or so, school supplies will be on sale—consider stocking up for next year so you don’t have to pay full price come next summer. 

Happy discount hunting!

-Allison G.



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