Some Advice from Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett was recently in the news again.  Quicken Loans is offering a $1 billion prize to anyone who can successfully choose every winner in this year’s men’s NCAA basketball tournament.  Warren Buffett decided to insure Quicken in the event that an individual wins the prize.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the odds of successfully picking every winner are
between 1 in 150 million and 1 in 9 million trillion.  In other words, this
is an incredible long shot, and it is unlikely that anyone will win the $1

However, Warren Buffett did provide some helpful advice to those of us not winning the prize.  He said that the best thing that anyone can do to improve their financial situation is to start saving money as early as possible.  So, even if it’s only $100 a month, start putting it away as soon as possible!  

-Chad G.

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