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Spending Wisely on Pets

According to U.S. News, ( Americans spend an average of $61 billion each year on their pets, which winds up being about $500 per household per year.  Since so many households spend so much money on their furry (feathery, and scaly) little friends, it’s helpful to discuss how to spend this money wisely and save money where you can.  Here are a few ways to save:

1)      Consider buying a mixed-breed pet.  With dogs especially, pure-breds often get sicker more frequently and require more health care. 

2)      Trade pet-sitting services.  If you need someone to watch your dog or feed your fish while you’re away for a short while, ask friends and family if they will do it at no cost.  In return, offer to watch their pet while they are gone.

3)      Do the math before buying pet insurance.  Think about how much you usually spend each year on pet healthcare, and if the annual premiums are less, consider buying it.  If not, consider setting some money aside each year in case of an emergency rather than buying the insurance.

4)      If you need to buy medicine for your pet, shop around.  Buying meds at the vet’s office is often more expensive than buying them online or at a pharmacy.

5)      Buy pet food in bulk. Buying large amounts of pet food at one time from Costco or Amazon can often save you a lot of money.

6)      Go in for preventative care.  By taking your pet in every so often for a check-up and vaccinations, you can prevent them from getting sick later on.  

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