Online Checking Accounts with Helpful Perks

If you want to earn a higher interest rate and you don’t need a physical bank for your banking needs, you should consider opening a checking account with an online bank.  (All of them allow you to deposit your checks by taking a picture of them with your phone, and allow you to pay bills online.)  Here are some of the best online checking accounts being offered now:

  • Highest Interest Rate Option for a Low Minimum Deposit: FNBO Direct. Their APY is currently .65% and you can start an account with as little as $1.
  • Free Checks: TIAA Direct Interest Checking. Your first order of checks is free, minimum required deposit is $100, and there’s no monthly fee.
  • Best ATM Options & Customer Service: Ally Bank. They have no minimum balance to open the account, provide the use of thousands of ATMs nationwide at no cost, and provide live customer service 24/7.
  • Best for Overdrafts: Capital One 360. If you tend to overdraft your account at times, this checking account charges less than $1 for an overdraft of $100.


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  2. very good idea for financial impared people

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