Fun Money Management Apps & Games for Kids

The best way for children to grow into adults who practice good habits is for them to learn those habits at an early age. There is a lot of focus from the White House and in the media about teaching healthy eating and exercise habits. Unfortunately, there isn’t as much focus on the importance of teaching children good money management skills.

Children, however, can benefit greatly from learning how to budget and the importance of saving at an early age. Since these skills are not always the most fun to practice, it can be difficult to engage children in learning them. Thankfully, the internet provides us with many resources to help teach money management skills to children in innovative and fun ways. A few fun and free money management apps and online games are:

1. P2K- for IPhone, IPad, and IPad touch

2. Kids Money- for IPhone, IPad, and IPad touch

3. Save! The Game- for IPhone, IPad, and IPad touch

4. Kids Farm – for Android

5. Rich Kid Smart Kid ( )

6. H.I.P Pocket Change (

Try these apps and games out and have fun with your kids while learning about budgeting and saving!

-Kathryn M.

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