Saving Money When You Shop

Everyone knows you can save quite a bit of money by using coupons but it can be very time consuming to clip coupons. Here are some less cumbersome ways that you can save money (and time) when shopping.

*When shopping online, use websites like Honey is free to join and automatically searches for the best discount codes for you to use on all your online purchases.

*When planning meals, look up recipes online. Some recipe sites like will search local ads for sales on the ingredients included in the recipe.

*If you are going to be eating out or buying a specific item, do a google search for discount codes before shopping.

*If you have a product that you use frequently such as a certain type of coffee, write to the company that provides that product. Let them know you are a loyal customer who enjoys their product and ask for free samples or coupons. This is also good to do if there is a new thing you want to try.

*Sign up for emails from sites that search for daily deals like,,, etc.

Getting the best deal may take a little planning ahead but the money saved is worth it!

-Kathryn M.

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