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Are Your Online Shopping Sites Secure?

Shopping online is convenient and can be a huge time saver but if you enter your payment and personal information on an insecure site, you are putting yourself at risk for identity theft. Before entering any personal or payment information on any site, you should always make sure that it is secure. Sites that are secure and protect customers’ information will not have pop-up ads or send unsolicited emails. You should always look for positive customer reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau for a rating. A secure site will also have a physical address and post a refund policy.

You should be able to pay with a credit card and see a padlock or unbroken key symbol signifying that the site is enabled and encrypted.  Finally, the payment page should start with “https” and not “http”. The “s” means that there is a secure, encrypted connection between your device and the site. If you are ever unsure or something does not feel right about a site, don’t make the purchase! Trust your instincts and keep your personal information safe.


-Kathryn M.

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