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How to Ask for a Raise

We all would like to make more money, but before asking your boss for a raise, you should make sure you deserve one. It is intimidating to ask for more money and you can risk losing your job if you are too aggressive when you ask. Thus, it is important that you prepare a few items before asking to meet with your boss. First, you should research to see how your current pay relates to the current local job market. O*Net Online is a helpful resource for conducting a job analysis. Second, you should review your job performance and find talking points to support your request for a raise. For example, have you received positive feedback from superiors, coworkers, and clients about your job performance? Have you completed tasks well and on time? Have you gone above and beyond your specified job duties to help the company? Have you taken on any new responsibilities?

Once you have prepared your talking points, practice the conversation and think of any follow up questions your boss may have. It may be helpful to ask a significant other or friend to practice with you and ask them for feedback. Be sure to focus on why you deserve the raise and not why you need it. Also, be prepared to hear no and remember to be polite.

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