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Managing Your Subscriptions

A new trend in shopping is buying everything from diapers to TV service through subscriptions. Setting up subscriptions is convenient, and it allows you to forget about having to pay for services. Sometimes you are even able to save money by taking advantage of a discounted rate when you allow the company to automatically charge your credit card or withdraw funds from your bank account.  However, many people forget that they signed up for a subscription service. Unless they are meticulously reviewing their bank statement each month, they might not notice the $5 or $20 charge and are wasting money on a service they don’t even use. Luckily, there are apps that you can use that review your bank statements for you and help you save money by cancelling subscriptions that you are not using. Truebill, Bobby and Trim are all apps that help you manage your subscriptions.

Beware that there may be a charge to cancel some subscriptions and the app may suggest new subscriptions based on your current interests (ensuring that you keep using their app). Thus, it is best to review your bank statement carefully each month to check for fraud and unnecessary subscription charges. But if you need some help getting started,  take advantage of a free app to help save you money!

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