The “Just Pay Shipping” Lie

There are advertisements everywhere online (email, Facebook, websites, etc.) for items that look and seem expensive but are “free” if you just pay shipping. But is this item really free? Most times, no. There are companies that offer quality products for “free” in hopes that by trying their product, you will become return customer. However, the shipping costs are generally inflated for these products.  Even with the inflated shipping cost, you may still be getting a good deal on the product, but it wasn’t free.

The more common scenario, however, is that it is a scam. The products offered are of very poor quality or never arrive. In most cases, the company will not respond to customers’ inquiries or requests for refunds. Additionally, the company will give extended shipping estimates (6-8 weeks) making it difficult for you to contest the charge with your credit card company (you must contest the charge within 60 days of it appearing on your billing statement and “prove” that you never received the product). So how do you know if it is a legitimate company trying to get new customers or a scam? Be a smart consumer by avoiding impulse spending and by researching the company before you enter your credit card information. You can quickly access customer reviews by doing an online search or visit the Better Business Bureau’s website and search for the company. If you are unable to find any reviews or find many negative reviews, don’t be fooled into paying shipping for their “free” item.  You are better off paying for the item from a reputable seller.

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