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Low Cost Professional Development

Getting a degree or certificate can open a world of possibilities for you. With more education, you could potentially earn more at your current job, qualify for a promotion, or find a new job that pays more and is more suited to your interests. Going to a traditional college or university is time consuming and expensive, however.  Most people who are working full-time are overwhelmed at the thought of trying to figure out how to pay for higher education and attend on-campus courses. Luckily, there are lots of less traditional opportunities available for professional development and acquiring new skills..

If you want to get a degree from a college or university, you should check with your employer to see if they offer educational assistance. Some employers will pay at least part of your tuition if the class you are taking will help you in your current job. Many universities, including Harvard, also offer open learning courses that are open to anyone. You can pay a fee if you want to receive a certificate.

If you are just looking to acquire new skills or simply don’t have the funds to pay for college, there are lots of companies such as Coursera, Udemy, or LinkedIn that offer courses online for free or at a very low-cost. Some of these companies even offer certificates that are recognized by employers. Public libraries also offer courses online and in person on a variety of subjects.

With so many low-cost learning opportunities available, everyone has the chance to acquire new skills and further their career without having to go into debt.

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