Resources for Job Loss and Retraining

Currently, there are over 12 million people in the United States unemployed and many more who are experiencing employment instability. Experiencing a job loss is an incredibly stressful time and more so now that it is the holiday season, and many parts of the country are facing renewed shutdowns due to the pandemic. There are, however, many resources available for people to receive economic assistance and opportunities to learn new skills. The Federal Trade Commission website lists steps that you should take to protect yourself and search for a new job. lists resources for unemployment support and job search tips. They have also compiled a list of job resources by state. also provides a comprehensive list of job loss resources.

If you are unemployed or are concerned that you may lose your job, you may want to take it as an opportunity to learn a new skill and possibly find a better job. Career One Stop provides links to many federal employment and training programs. The US Department of Labor also has many programs for adults and dislocated workers.

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