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Saving During the Pandemic

If you’re working/schooling from home now, you can take some time each week to think about how you could save by eliminating little things here and there. Below are a few tips for easy things that may help save you enough money to create a little rainy day fund in case big expenses pop up unexpectedly in the future.

1-Switch to a bank that has no monthly fees. There are online banks and credit unions that won’t charge you $10 or $20 a month to maintain an account.

2-If your car doesn’t require it, only buy regular gas, not premium. It could save you up to 20 cents a gallon.

3- Figure out which TV channels/streaming services you really need and just buy those individually rather than subscribing to cable TV or packages of channels.

4-Cut down your takeout food ordering or going out to restaurants. You could buy ingredients for five meals at the store for every one meal of takeout. If you don’t like to cook, buying pre-packaged meal options at the grocery store is cheaper than ordering from restaurants.

5-Plan your outings so you can do multiple errands at once, so you don’t have to drive every day.

6-If you are paying off credit card debt, ask your credit card company if they would be willing to lower your interest rate. If you can find another card that has a lower interest rate, see if your current company will match that. Then try to pay off as much debt as possible each month.

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