What is Financial Therapy?

Couples who may want to improve their relationship may see a therapist to work on communication, intimacy, etc. But did you know that there are therapists specifically for people who need help with the emotional aspects of dealing with finances? These types of therapists are financial therapists and they can help clients understand how to get out of bad patterns, communicate better about money, and plan for a strong financial future.

If you are someone who has a difficult time saving money, or has trouble working out financial issues with your spouse, meeting with a financial therapist could be beneficial. Financial therapists can also help people understand some of the underlying reasons why they feel anxious about their finances or why they get into bad habits with their money.

Financial therapy may even be covered by some insurance plans. To learn more about the field and/or connect with a financial therapist, you can go to: financialtherapyassociation.org

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