Ideas for Saving Money on Gas

Now that U.S. gas prices are at their highest levels in decades, it helps to think about how to save money on gas. Here are some tips.

*Combine trips. Plan your trips so if you have to pick up a child from school, go to work, and/or run errands, do them all at the same time on the same trip.

*Check gas prices in your neighborhood or on your commute route to see which gas stations offer the best values. and Waze provide gas pricing information.

*Use other methods of transportation if possible. Try to walk, ride a bike, use a bus, carpool, or share an Uber ride.

*Remove heavy items from your car so you get the best mileage possible.

*Don’t speed too much. Traveling above 60 miles per hour means you are not using your gas efficiently and will decrease the miles per gallon you get for your gas.

*Turn your car engine off when waiting. It saves gas money and helps the environment.

*Pay for your gas with cash rather than a credit card. Often the price per gallon is cheaper when you use cash.

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