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Saving Money on School Expenses Now That the Kids are Back in the Classroom

Now that schools are back in session and students are back in the classroom after a few difficult years during the pandemic, school-related expenses have returned as well. Here are a few tips for saving money this school year.

  1. Have the kids walk to school, take the school bus, or use public transportation. Gas prices continue to be at historic highs, so the dollars add up when you drive your students to school and back. Carpooling is another great option if other families live nearby and can help divide up the pick-ups and drop-offs.
  2. Purchase uniforms online. If your students need school uniforms, retailers such as Amazon and JCPenney sell solid-colored polo shirts and khaki pants/skirts that are fairly inexpensive. You can also buy them mid-year rather than right before school starts. Prices are generally lower for school related items after August and September.
  3. Instead of donating money to your school, donate time. Many schools ask parents for an annual donation or contribution to classroom funds. Instead of providing money, you could volunteer at the school fundraising events, or ask your childrens’ teachers if you can help out with classroom prep.
  4. Shop at second-hand stores for Halloween costumes, athletic gear, and school supplies.
  5. Take advantage of price-matching. Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy will price match so if you find a cheaper price online or at a different store, take in the price you found and ask them to match it.

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