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How to Use Technology to Save Money

Technology has advanced a great deal in recent years and there are ways to use it to save money. Here are a few tips.

  1. Set up automatic bill pay. Pay all of your bills automatically by putting a credit/debit card on file or setting up a withdrawal from your checking account. This can save you from paying late fees and many companies offer financial incentives if you sign up for this helpful feature.
  2. Use a browser add-on so the internet can find you the best deals. For example, if you add Honey as a browser extension tool, whenever you are on the checkout page on a website, Honey will search the web for applicable coupons to save you money.
  3. Terminate your phone landline. Now you can use a cell phone for all of your calls and you don’t even need a home landline anymore, saving monthly phone bill fees.
  4. Install a smart home device. You can get a home device that will automatically turn off your heating/air conditioning and electricity at certain times a day, saving a lot on heat and electricity bills.
  5. Take virtual tours. If you’re interested in visiting a certain museum or taking a college campus tour, you can virtually visit for free.

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